Kathy McIntosh, Award Winning Author

Welcome to the website of award-winning author Kathy McIntosh. Kathy is an editor, a writer and a speaker. Her new novel, MUSTARD’S LAST STAND, was released in September 2012 from L&L Dreamspell.

MUSTARD’S LAST STAND was chosen one of Idaho’s Top Ten Fiction Books of 2013 by Top Idaho Author and Book Awards. Kathy was chosen one of the top three new fiction authors of 2013 by the same organization.

Kathy writes a column, Words at Work, for the Idaho Statesman’s Business InsiderHer words also appear in An Eclectic Collage: Creative Works by the Women of the Pixie Chicks Writers Group  and Hauntings from the Snake River Plain.

Mustard’s Last Stand is available on Amazon and in a number of independent book stores. You may order a signed copy direct from the author, here.

An African safari camp in North Idaho? Won’t happen, not if offbeat eco-activist Roadkill can convince his brother to drop the mustard jar bearing his ex-wife’s ashes and fight the developer. Together they face the wannabe big game hunter, his wacky minions and his fake preacher-in-a-pocket. Cue the docile water buffalo and the frozen wolf corpse and let the chaos begin!

MUSTARD’S LAST STAND is a humorous ecological suspense thriller that will make you laugh and make you think about what we’re doing to our environment. Mostly it will make you laugh. “Go, Roadkill!”